Kabarole Chair Wants NGOs To Incorporate Environment In Programing

Kabarole Chair Wants NGOs To Incorporate Environment In Programing

Kabarole District Chairman Richard Rwabuhinga wants Non-Government Organizations NGOs to integrate environment issues in their programs so as to mitigate effects drought and global
warning. He says people have gone on rampage destroying all natural and artificial forests and trees without replacing, a practice that has
cause harsh drought conditions. Rwabuhinga explains that 70% of the forests in Kabarole district have been destroyed by people to establish farms, plantations and for
charcoal burning. This according to Rwabuhinga has increased temperatures and climatic conditions changed. Kabarole district used to have two heavy rainy seasons from late February to May and August to late December every year but this has changed due to environmental degradation.

Rwabuhinga was speaking to members of Kihondo Tweyimukye SACCO in Bukuuku Sub County where he called on  all NGOs and SACCOs operating in the district to incorporate environment protection issues in their project program as a cooperate social responsibility. Rwabuhinga said the Rwenzori region which used to have a good and favorable climate with balance rains is now experiencing drought and if there is no any interventions, famine will hit the region and people and animals die of hunger.

Kabarole District chairman Rwabuhinga Richard speaking
Kabarole District chairman Rwabuhinga Richard speaking

The chairman however said that as district they have partnered with national Forestry Authority NFA and CARITAS Fort Portal diocese to offer tree seedlings to people in groups as one way of conserving the environment. But the District forestry officer Mr.Ruyonga George said that plans are under to evict all people who encroached on the wet lands.

He said government is to send environment police officers who will empower them to enforce the law during the eviction process. Mr.Ruyonga said that they would also uproot all the eucalyptus trees planted in the swamps and valleys because they drain water. Stephen Kagwera MP Burahya encouraged parents to educate children in relevant and marketable fields like Forestry, Agriculture and other science subjects. Kagwera also encouraged people to promote health and hygiene if they are to leave healthy life in their homes.

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