Domestic Violence: Acid Burnt Wife Wants Husband Arrested, Appeals For Justice

Domestic Violence: Acid Burnt Wife Wants Husband Arrested, Appeals For Justice

33- year-old Kemigabo Stella who was burnt with acid in her private parts by her husband wants justice to prevail and have the man arrested and charged in courts of law of grievous body harm.
Kyamulesire Swizin Kasoro a business man at Mpanga market in Fort Portal municipality, Kabarole district, Western Uganda, is scot free after burning his wife with paraffin mixed with acid in the private organs.
Kemigabo dragged Kyamulesire to police but she alleges the corrupt police mismanaged her case files and dismissed her case.
The lady has been discharging pus in her private parts that were burnt and according to the medics at Fort Portal referral hospital that carried out the examinations, her uterus needs to be removed. The victim is appealing for the human rights organizations, legal associations, and women activists and media to come to her rescue, have the man arrested and prosecuted in courts of law.
Kemigabo narrates that she has been married with Kyamulesire for nine years and have one kid-who is a daughter.
She explains that she received a call from her home in Kyenjojo that there was a sick person. She told her lovely husband Kyamulesire who gave her transport to go and see the sick relative.
But on returning back home at around 6:00pm on 9th July 2014, she was shocked to find the husband sleeping with another woman their marital bed as children played in the compound with Kyamulesire’s older daughter.
When she opened the door to put off her clothes, she got surprised to see Kyamulesire coming out of the bed naked.
Kyamulesire asked, “Why have you opened my door? What do you want? The lady said I have returned back from Kyenjojo and just want to put off these dusty clothes”.
She said, “Kyamulesire called one Mugabo a shamba boy and ordered him to bring a rope they normally use to tie the cows. My husband started beating me seriously. He ordered his workers Mugabo, John and Muganzi Patrick to help him and take me in the farm”.
Kemigabo narrates that she was tied with the ropes on the tree with her daughter. The husband ordered the men to bring paraffin mixed with acid and poured it in her private parts. He later asked is her dead or alive?
Kemigabo said she was rescued by the neighbours who had the daughter and her crying at around 11:00pm on July 9th 2014.
The following morning, Kemigabo said that she went to Fort Portal police and recorded her statement accusing her husband Kyamulesire Kasoro of torture and attempted murder.
Kemigabo reveals to the media that the police at Fort portal police station tortured her when she went to open a file against her estranged husband.
She narrated that Okello Laurence the then Acting CID Fort Portal arrested Kasoro Kyamulesire but released him after one day.
Kemigabo said that Okello told her to go back that the case is over.
Kemigabo went back shedding tears due to the much pain in the private organs.
She reveals that she went back and reported to the District Police Commander Geoffrey Kahebwa but chased her away in the presence of the journalists. Kahebwa said that Kyamulesire has no case to answer against.
She said that the media came and intervened by questioning the police why they were torturing her and mismanaging her case.
The asked the current CID Tusingwire Joshua to help the lady in receiving just. This after the media found out that the woman needed an operation for her uterus, needed money for treatment and the arrest of the husband.
The intervention of the journalists in publishing the story has attracted many people and activists in the case accusing the police of neglecting the woman and mismanaging her file over corruption. Kemigabo is accusing the police of accepting bribe from her cash loaded husband to kill the case.

Stella Kemigabo who was tortured by her husband Kasoro kyamulesire Swizin
Stella Kemigabo who was tortured by her husband Kasoro kyamulesire Swizin

She wants Kyamulesire Kasoro arrested and charged for grievously harming her private parts. She is unable to walk and doctors told her that her uterus shall be removed.
The lady who is jobless and starving at home in Kitumba East division, is calling for activists and human rights organizations to intervene in the case following reports of mismanaging her file.
On Wednesday 27th May, 2015 Court in Fort Portal adjourned the case in which Kyamulesire is accused for causing grievous harm to her estranged wife until 8th –June-2015.
Court presided over by magistrate Faisal heard that 9th-July -2014, Kyamulesire and others tied his wife Kemigabo Stella onto a tree stump with her baby in their family farm in Mugoma, West division, Fort Portal municipality and was only saved by good Samaritans who heard them cry.
While in court the defense lawyer Victor Businge who is representing Kyamulesire had refused the case to precede claiming that the complainant had withdrawn the case before it was sanctioned to the court.
Businge also indicated that, the accused had agreed to withdraw the case from the police and settle the matter out of court but the magistrate did not listen to lawyer’s request according to the nature of the case. The magistrate indicated that the complainant had come to court for many times that the case should proceed.
Meanwhile the state Attorney Ahebwa Stuart disclosed that Stella’s case was not a civil case but criminal warning that no one should play against it. He added that in his own observation, the police might have miss handled the case.
Testifying before court, Mugarura Jackson the clinical officer attached to Fort Portal regional referral hospital who examined her, said the complainant was found with bruises on her neck, wounds in her private parts which were caused by hot or corrosive substances like acid and alkaline.
The case was adjourned until 8th-June-2015 for further hearing.

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  1. Herbert - June 23, 2015 Reply

    Ijust hate the police of fp esp.the DPC and OCIID they are all corrupt they mind so much about their pockets and forget the people like i reported a killer,con man,an impersonator as a updf called kakuru ian but they kept quite about it coz they eat with this guy.

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