Youth Empowerment for Ending Unemployment

Youth Empowerment for Ending Unemployment

Many young people look up to the foregoing generations for answers to their problems. But even the older generations are struggling every day to deal with their own problems. For teenagers, it is easy to forget the enormous power they possess as young people.

If you are seeking community or work experience, you don’t need to wait for the older generation to provide it.

Young people should encourage each other to organise their own activities with a mentor overseeing them.

 This is a perfect way to bring yourselves up and prepare yourselves for more employability after the academic years are over. In fact, the world changes so rapidly these days that the older generation behaves and thinks extraordinarily differently from the younger generations.

Social media is our first example, many people from previous generations lack the opportunity to get to know online platforms critically and instead see them from only one subjective aspect. They then unfairly consider social networks unhealthy. It can even cause a huge conflict to ask an elderly to organise fun activities for you.

If a young person wants to start a company or make and sell crafts, why not just go for it. It will be a valuable experience. My fondest memories were of making friendship clubs at primary school and selling braided jewellery and clay keyrings that I handmade in secondary. These simple exercises gave me great confidence. Once we take the world too seriously, we easily lose heart or hope.

Do us older people a favour and get creative and business-savvy through trial and error while you have the carefree mindset!

I often look at young people for inspiration- such as Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafazai. Instagram influencers are also a great inspiration to me! These are the people that formerly would have simply been in a newspaper column and then forgotten but instead are centre stage as spokespeople with no wish to hold back their righteous fury.

How able older generations? Can we join?  We don’t mean to be so bad at understanding the younger folk! Innovative business ideas and self-promotions are helping end unemployment. Personally, I would love to sell my art on Instagram but it seems so complex! The youth nowadays are driven and eco-conscious in a way we are too dismal to perceive.

Don’t allow financial turbulence to put out your spark!

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