Rwabuhinga Richard

Rwabuhinga Richard

I’m Richard Rwabuhinga , the District chairperson Kabarole, Western Uganda. This is my second term working as district chairperson.

As district head, I greatly applaud PLATFORM for the NEEDY for partnering with the district in areas of Gender Based Violence, Health and Sanitation and HIV/AIDS.

In 2011, HIV/AIDS prevalence was high in the district standing at 11.3% which was scaring and alarming but I recommend PLANE for the laudable initiative of BAHEMUKA radio drama which has helped in creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, malaria prevention practices and Domestic Violence. The drama sensitization campaigns in communities have really helped in the reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence which now stands at 5.3%, although it’s still high among the youth and married couples. I recommend for partnerships to ensure all rural communities are reached and combed.


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