PLATFORM for the NEEDY (PLANE) is an indigenous Non Governmental Organization operating in Rwenzori region, Western Uganda advocating for the rights of vulnerable children and women.

We’re organizing this one (1) month fundraising to raise $8,500 to help the Ugandan needy children affected by the Covid 19 pandemic access education as schools reopen in two months time this year.

As part of our objectives, PLANE has been sponsoring orphaned and needy children access education by providing them with scholastic materials that include exercise books, pens, pencils, soap, jelly, uniforms, shoes, food and tuition/fees.

Their families used to contribute lunch and uniforms but the Covid 19 pandemic has made it worse for some Ugandans who can’t earn a dollar in 3weeks due to the lockdown and its associated impact. The agricultural prices have gone down.

Uganda implemented one of the most stringent lockdowns with banning transportation and social gatherings as well as the closure of schools, markets and places of worship.

This has left many children affected socially, physically, mentally and economically as their relatives or guardians were left with no earnings.

Government of Uganda is planning to re-open schools in two months time but many children are stuck and are likely to miss school as thousands of girls have been victims of defilement and teenage pregnancy due to poverty and child neglect.

It is a huge challenge to return and keep these children in school without school fees, uniforms, scholastic materials and food. 

PLANE entirely relies on mobilizing donations and support from good Samaritans and well-wishers to fulfill the children’s dreams so as to have a brighter future that is fully empowered.

Our goal of $8,500 support educate a child campaign aims at providing education requirements for 50 orphaned children in both primary, secondary and higher institutions of learning  for his academic year.

​ We humbly appeal for your generous support towards this noble cause. The business community, entrepreneurs, education institutions, religious institutions, media, musicians ,charity and Non-Profit making organizations and all people of good your dollar ($) contribution makes a big difference in transforming Ugandan Child and entire community.

It is our humble request that you support, donate and whatever you offer towards this rewarding cause enables us to achieve our goals together with you.

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