Award Winners

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PLANE 2022 Award Winners:

PLATFORM for the NEEDY (PLANE) has announced the award winners for the year 2022. The awards were given to the volunteers, interns and ambassadors. PLANE, in 2022 received a pull of volunteers, ambassadors and interns virtually due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Very few were onsite. Although we received many volunteers, not all were hard working and committed to the fulfillment of their tasks.

On Friday January 27th, 2023 PLANE Board members held a meeting and named the volunteers that performed well. The selection and identification depended on the tasks offered, hard work, commitment, and task accomplishment.

Award of Vyapti Shahani Subramaniam

Vyapti Shahani Subramaniam – Award Winner 2022

Vyapti is recognized for being an Outstanding Volunteer of the Year in Excellent Administration & Website Management. She has been spent a year serving the organization as an administrator and managing the website content. Vyapti will be remembered for registering the organization for online donation system. After a decade in establishment, PLANE is now able to receive donations globally in all currencies. This achievement is attributed to Madam Vyapti.


Award of Paeto Chayarat Wangweera

Paeto Chayarat Wangweera – 2nd Place Runner Up

Paeto Chayarat Wangweera is awarded the 2nd Runners Up Award in recognition of Resource Mobilization, Innovations & Administration. Paeto joined the organization at the beginning of the year 2022. He joined as a software developer and not only did he serve PLANE but other organizations in Uganda. Paeto upon realizing that the children of Africa were failing to access quality education, he created a fundraiser on GoFundMe . He raised money to support the needy children. Amazingly, he talked to his parents and his mom joined him in the campaign. They now carry out fundraising in their home country in Thailand to help educate children in Uganda.


Rintaro Hirota – 3rd Place Runners Up Award

Rintaro is awarded the 3rd Place Runners Up Award for Resource Mobilization & Graphics Design. He joined the organization mid-December as a Graphic Designs Director but upon learning that the children of Uganda were suffering, he immediately set a fundraiser on He has raised funds to support the education of children from Japanese community. His passion for children could not wait and delay the intervention while concentrating on graphics work.



The others who have worked tirelessly to serve the organization and transform it to a further level are listed below. These volunteers have helped the organization by mobilizing resources, writing articles, poems, teaching online science subjects, mobilizing volunteers and ambassadors, social media marketing, graphic designs, and organizing fundraising.



PLATFORM for the NEEDY (PLANE) appreciates and congratulates all the award winners for the compassion and generosity exhibited during their time of service. On behalf of the organization, I thank the volunteers who have committed to work with us for years and life time. This is a rare gesture.

I also take the opportunity to thank all the volunteers, interns and ambassadors who have not featured here that time is coming for you. We only need to be hard working, compassionate, realistic and committed.

PLANE management commits that this honor will be done every year.


I am humbly appealing to our volunteers, interns and ambassadors to work hard and jointly in promoting and marketing the organization’s brand mission so as to reach many people and areas. Let us exhibit the spirit of problem identification and seek for interventions.

I leave you with this Proverb:

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.

May the Almighty God bless you with a vision of service.

Waddell Steven Ainganiza
Founder and Executive Director PLANE



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