Education is a human right for every child. But unfortunately, many children in Uganda cannot go to school due to neglect/abandonment, poverty, child labor, lack of support, underage pregnancies, and marriages. Our goal is to identify these vulnerable children and provide orphan education with the help of individual and institutional sponsors.

Research overwhelmingly shows that young people who graduate high school enjoy better outcomes in all areas of their lives, including health, relationships, and financial well-being. Providing education for orphans enables them to make informed choices that positively impact themselves, their families, and their communities. It sets them on a path towards a brighter future, empowering them to overcome challenges and contribute positively to society.


There are two ways you can sponsor a child’s education today: 

1. Lifetime Sponsorship

Under this program, a good Samaritan can take up a child and support orphan education by sponsoring their education from the primary level to university graduation. The sponsor may decide to educate the child in either a day school or boarding school, depending on the availability of funds. This initiative aims to provide orphaned children with the opportunity to pursue their education without hindrance, ensuring a brighter future for them.

PLANE children pause in a photo after receiving scholastic materials donated by Thailand and Japanese Community

2. Yearly Sponsorship

This scholarship contributes to a child’s education until graduation on an annual basis.

$200 per year for a child in day primary

$500 per year for boarding primary

$273 per year for a secondary school day student

$687 for secondary school boarding 

$1,600 per year for University students. 

This sponsorship includes tuition, educational materials such as books, pens, shoes, and uniforms.

All you need to do to contribute is donate via our website. PLANE takes care of everything else, from paying the child’s school fees, uniform, books, and various school activities. 

However, we strongly encourage sponsors to support orphans’ education by adopting a child and enrolling them in our Lifetime sponsorship program. Through this program, sponsors can ensure that the child’s education remains stable and that they receive the necessary support throughout their academic journey.


Through our community survey, we have access to a list of various underprivileged children’s profiles who are in dire need of educational support. Once the sponsor decides to support an orphan’s education, PLANE will send them details of the children in need of education. Based on the profile, sponsors can choose to support an orphan’s education by selecting a particular child of their choice.



Every term and end-of-year progress report will be scanned with a picture of the child and emailed to the sponsors.

PLANE highly encourages sponsors to support orphans’ education by visiting the children’s homes and schools and interacting with the children, guardians, and staff if possible. The visits by the sponsors motivate the children and enhance their relationships. Sponsors can call the school, speak with the child, talk with the administrators, etc., about their children’s progress.


Will the Charity properly use my money without any corruption? Will I be able to see where my money is going? 

  • Quarterly and Annual evidence reports are made and submitted to sponsors with the attachment of the Audited books.

We fully understand any concerns our donors and sponsors may have, especially regarding the effective utilization of funds. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing education for orphans as our primary focus. We ensure that all donated funds are channelled exclusively towards this noble cause. Furthermore, our transparent, evidence-based methodology allows sponsors to track precisely where their contributions are directed and witness the tangible results firsthand.

We have two significant programs for sponsoring children’s education, i.e. the Yearly sponsorship and Lifetime sponsorship.


If you are interested in sponsoring a child’s education or have any questions or concerns regarding providing orphan education, please go to We will reply to you ASAP and address any questions, concerns, or clarifications. If you are interested in the process, we will also provide all the following steps to contribute.


Many companies offer programs that enable employees to sponsor a child’s education by matching charitable contributions up to a certain percentage. We encourage you to reach out to your employer’s HR department to explore the possibilities of charity contribution matching. Your participation in such programs can make a significant difference in transforming the lives of vulnerable youth in Uganda. Together, we can provide education and opportunities for a brighter future.

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