Drama Project: Bahemuka Initiative

Bahemuka is a local word in the Rutooro language when translated in English, means “to be ashamed”. PLANE formed the Bahemuka Drama project to support and increase awareness on critical health issues, women and children’s rights. The Bahemuka drama is strategically used in communities to pass crucial information on essential topics and sensitize the public. PLANE achieves this through radio drama and community outreach. The program effectively uses the local dialect, increased engagement with the locals, and more education and entertainment.

Objectives: Enhance awareness and information on HIV, SGBV and domestic violence prevention among 900,000 people in seven districts of Western Uganda.

Why Bahemuka Drama: PLANE formed Bahemuka to raise awareness on critical issues affecting challenging to reach communities in the Rwenzori region. PLANE adopted this approach because it uses local language with tailored messages, and it’s informative, engaging, entertaining, and community-centred.

Our Goal: To contribute to increased health awareness among the hard to reach communities of the Rwenzori region.

Drama For Awarness

Community Drama













Critical Issues Addressed with Bahemuka Drama:

    1. Awareness of HIV prevention
    2. Awareness on Sexual Gender-Based Violence prevention (SGBV) and its effects
    3. Children and women’s rights awareness and advocacy
    4. Domestic violence awareness/prevention

Expected results of Bahemuka Drama Project:

  1. To provide HIV, SGBV and Domestic violence prevention and care services to an increased number of vulnerable people.
  2. To provide correct information about HIV prevention and care, SBGV prevention, women and children rights protection and support to an increased number of vulnerable people.
  3. To provide detailed education on respecting children and women and their rights to property
  4. Improved face to face interaction and timely feedback

Annual Costs needed to sustain the project: The total cost for the project annually

USD 44,000

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