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Group of Teenage Mothers

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PLANE’s work with teen mothers:

  • Improve mother and child outcomes. 
    • Increase the mother’s active involvement in her child’s development
    • Increase positive bonding
    • Decrease parenting stress
    • Decrease child abuse and neglect factors
  • Improve the mother’s long-term social and emotional well-being.
    • Improve mental, physical and emotional health
    • Increase school engagement
    • Increase safe relationships
    • Increase job satisfaction
    • Increase access to resources; and information access
    • Create permanency plans which include safe living arrangements
  • Increase stable and healthy support systems
    • Build stable and healthy connections with family members, friends, or adults
    • Increase access to Family Planning Services
    • Decrease unstable or unhealthy relationships that put their lives in danger
  • Improve independent living skills for self-sufficiency
    • Make progress toward educational goals
    • Secure and maintain employment
    • Manage money and meet financial obligation
    • Perform activities of daily living
    • Secure and maintain safe childcare
    • Participate in the community
    • Implement planned personal development strategies.
  • Increase protective factors related to trauma
    • Increase resiliency and optimistic world view
    • Increase positive coping strategies and implementation
    • Identify values of self-efficacy, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Learn about our Teenage Mothers Empowerment Programme (TEMEP)

Teenage Mothers Empowerment Programme

Teenage mothers and PLANE staff after an empowerment training class. 


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