Family Clinic Project

This is a project that was developed by Platform for the Needy purposely to address health, social, legal, family, and other related issues affecting families or communities in the Rwenzori region. Every Monday there is a 3 hour radio talkshow called Family Clinic on VOT FM 101

Why family clinic?

A family or a community is the center where most health, social, legal, environmental and other problems emerge. This program was designed to help the family to discern and solve such issues in a more localized manner.


To enable families/communities to clearly access critical information and generate local solutions to their problems.

Objectives of Family Clinic:

Ø To create a platform for information sharing among 900,000 local people 900,000 in 7 districts in Rwenzori (Western) Region in Uganda by 2024.

Ø To increase access health, legal and social related information among 900,000 in 7 districts in Rwenzori (Western) Region in Uganda by 2024.

Key Approaches used:

Community conferencing:

Where members are mobilized in a community, they meet and discuss Key issues (HIV, Family Planning, Domestic Violence, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Domestic Violence and women and/or Children’s Rights etc) concerning the community or families around.

They also develop solutions and they jointly follow up on the Key issues discussed.


Radio programs:

Key Issues Addressed by Family Clinic:

1. Health issues such as HIV and Family Planning

2. Domestic Violence

3. Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

4. Women’s and children’s rights.

Expected results of Family Clinic Project:

1. Health Sure (health Insurance) for the local people was developed through formed groups. Here members can contribute towards their health insurances services.

2. Reduction in women and Children human rights violation has been registered.

3. Reduced incidences to orphans and Children property grabbing.

Costs needed to sustain the project:

The annual total cost for the project is USD 52,000.




Some of our previous Family Clinics:

.                                          Examining the mitigation of gender-based and                                           Discussing family planning.                                      Talking over Covid-19 and Tuberculosis.

domestic violence.


Amplifying young voices.                                                           We are raising funds for Bernard, who needs 65,000,000 Kenyan shillings (USD 546,000)

                                                                                                           for a surgery for his pelvic bones. Through Family Clinic, we were able to raise 340,000

                                                                                                           Kenyan shillings (USD 2,900) from our listeners alone. 

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