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Become A Global Ambassador or Volunteer:
When you become part of the PLANE, you are involved in changing not only the lives of our children but of future generations to come. PLANE is looking for Volunteers and Ambassadors who can be recent college/university graduates, current college students, working professionals, teachers, couples, retirees, clergy or anyone else who is passionate and committed to education and making a difference in people’s lives. We believe together we can make a difference.

  • We need a passionate volunteer to mobilize resources and conduct fundraisings online and physically.
  • Carry out medical and outreaches in the neediest communities.
  • Conduct health, sanitation, and nutrition campaigns in rural communities.
  • Volunteer with us to edit, improve and evaluate our website content, blog, and social media platforms.
  • Volunteer with us to spread the message of hope to the children and adolescents in schools.

Volunteer from anywhere around the world:
Are you generous about changing lives of communities? Would you like to make a difference by ensuring that children receive a good quality education, and learn the skills they need to thrive?  PLANE seeks to strengthen its Board of Directors with individuals and institutions with the skills, and experience necessary to take the organization through the next stage in its exciting development.

PLANE is looking for the following skills:
Information Technology:
• Help PLANE with our website tools and any online fundraising projects.
Leadership and Strategy:
• Help PLANE with the strategic planning; budgeting; event planning and direction
Project Development & Management:
• Help PLANE with sustainable projects and future capital development. Your investment will be felt by majority and it impacts on the future generations.
 Organizations Management
 Fundraising Coordination
 Public Relations,
 Marketing, and Communications:
 Partnerships Management
 Administration.

Spread the Word
Become PLANE Ambassador and use the sharing tools to share our story on your social networks with your family and friends. Sharing tools help us to:
 spread the word while helping PLANE to expand to reach more people.
 Increase traffic to our website and enable us to engage with potential partners/supporters.
 Inform many people to learn about this worthwhile cause and in turn help us raise additional funds to support our programs.
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel and share our story with your community. The likes and shares help us connect with additional supporters.

Participate in Fundraisers and Bid on Auction Items:Are you generous about serving needy communities? You can get involved in different Fundraising activities. We understand that together we can change lives
of thousands. It could be a school event; entertainment /concert/ get together dinner; thanksgiving event; birth day etc. Contact us at for more information. 

Partner with PLANE 
If you, your organization, University, church or school is interested in partnering with PLANE through collaboration, through grants, matching programs, teacher exchange, projects, students exchange and projects visitations and the like, please get in touch. We would like to hear from you. You can reach us at

Fundraise for PLANE:
We have exciting opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of the less fortunate. The gift of education is the best gift you can ever offer. Education empowers young boys and girls to realize their potential. You can also empower communities by supporting health and economic empowerment projects. This can be a Walk/Run/Bike; car wash; Dinner, Auction, Fundraising Raffle, and Bake Sale or setting a fundraiser on crowdfunding platform. Your investment will change lives and make a difference.

Leave a Gift in Your Will to PLANE:
When you empower communities you are assured of the healthy population. The gift of education keeps giving long after one is gone. It’s a legacy that cannot be
erased. It makes a huge difference in the lives of generations. Please consider adding PLANE in your will. You can contact us at

Invite PLANE to Speak at Your Events: 
A member of PLANE Board of Directors will feel honored to be part of your special events. This can be at functions, schools or colleges, churches, or places of
work. This can be in person or virtually.

For any information on how to Get Involved, plase contact us at

Here are the areas your donation will be sent to:


Education: Your support helps improve access to quality learning and promoting inclusive education. Your support can be one-off, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • $3 buy pads for a girl for one term to enable her to remain in school
  • $25 buys uniforms, shoes, and exercise books for a primary child.
  • $20 sends a child to a rural private primary school.
  • $15 sends a child to a rural government primary school
  • $25 sends a child to an urban government-aided primary school
  • $100 sends a child a better urban private primary school
  • $45 provides lunch for a child for a term of 3months.
  • $48 sends a child to a government-aided secondary on the day program
  • $70 sends a child to a better urban private secondary school on a day program
  • $150 sends a child to a moderate private secondary school
  • $200 takes a child to a better government-aided secondary school
  • $10 can buy milk and other nutritious meals for babies of girls who returned to school after delivering.


Health & Nutrition:

  • Your help goes to support the rural clinics, outreach medical camps, family planning campaign conferences to improve maternal and newborn health, by providing equipment, medicine, and training.
  • $10 can feed a child and a grandparent a nutritious meals 
  • $200 can organize a successful conference on sexual reproductive health for adolescents and women.
  • We run feeding programs for malnourished children and mothers, promote breastfeeding, and provide sexual and reproductive health information to adolescents.

Child Protection & Child Rights Governance:

  • Your donation will go towards protecting the rights of children and empowering them to amplify their voices.
  • $55 facilitates a successful dialogue for adolescents to express their views and move a way forward for the leaders and parents to take action.
  • $10 will transport a social worker for counseling services for youth and children in rural schools and communities.
  • We support children to know and demand their rights, and to raise their voices to people in power.
  • We help strengthen local child protection systems, make schools and other facilities safer, and provide safe spaces for the most vulnerable children.

Teenage Mothers Livelihoods & Child Poverty:

  • We help teen mothers and their families escape the cycle of poverty.
  • We do vocational training and equipping youth with the skills they need to earn a sustainable income.
  • We support community savings and loan groups to invest for the future and set up small businesses. We believe if these youth are empowered economically, they will be in a position to sustain themselves and look after their children and families.
  • $65 can buy an animal for a teen mom for rearing as an income-generating activity.


We believe drama reaches a big audience. It’s an informative and entertaining approach to disseminating information. With drama, it enables the audience/ listeners to interact during the call-in interaction session.

  • $2 dollar can facilitate the transportation of the actor for practice, rehearsal, and production for one day.
  • $150 sponsors a radio drama for 15minutes Monday-Friday for a month.
  • $100 facilitates script writing.

$250 facilitates drama for an outreach performance to sensitize communities of social, economic, and health issues affecting them.

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