greening Uganda

Greening Uganda


Greening Uganda Schools Project was initiated by PLATFORM for the NEEDY (PLANE) to conserve the environment by planting trees in Uganda schools and Communities to mitigate the effects of climate change.

It is our right and responsibility to educate children about trees and forests. This enables pupils and students to love and connect with nature
and fosters future generations that are conscious of the benefits of trees and forests and the need to manage them sustainably.

Under the Greening Uganda Schools Project, PLANE encourages and supports young generations to love forests and to take care of trees
around them to improve the environment for posterity.

The Greening Uganda Schools Project is crucial to prevent environmental degradation and sensitize society towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We
believe that investing in children’s forestry education can change the world for the better and we ensure that local communities work to reduce
deforestation and restore degraded landscapes.

PLANE is committed to working closely with volunteers and schools to train teachers and students on tree nursery and tree plantation establishment
and maintenance. We are in tree planting of indigenous species for fuel wood, agroforestry, planting of fruit trees such as mangoes, guavas, oranges, jack fruits, apples, pawpaws, avocados among others to provide nutrients to children and also conserve the environment.

The Greening Uganda Schools Project is reaching out to children in primary and secondary schools and young people to encourage them to care for their environment. More than 50% of Uganda’s population is below 15 years of age, so PLANE activities are intentionally implemented in primary and secondary schools, communities, and churches to target the youth to encourage environmental learning through participation. We aim to raise awareness about using nature to increase production and conserve the Environment.

With your contribution, you can help PLATFORM for the NEEDY achieve the following in the area of environmental conservation:
○ $0.5 Buys a native tree seedling to reduce soil erosion.
○ $2 purchases a fruit tree for schools
○ $200 enables training on environment conservation in 5 schools
○ $400 will enable the purchase and distribution of tree seedlings in 5 schools
○ $500 will enable 30 farmers to receive training on better methods.
○ $200 will enable 20 people to receive training in briquette making.
○ $400 enables 50 homes to receive tree seedlings
○ $200 will enable 10 people to receive training on energy-saving stoves..
○ $5000 will enable us to acquire a piece of land for a nursery bed
○ $300 will support a drama community outreach performance sensitization on environment conservation.

Your generous support and donation will enable PLANE to reach many schools and communities in Uganda. Any amount you offer will be put to
good use. Your financial help will help the organization to continue providing assistance to all the needy people of the community. We assure you that accountabilities will be done, shared with you and on our website and social media platforms. Thank you for all your help!

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