Education for Orphans


According to the UN Human Rights Declarations, education is a right and privilege to everyone. Unfortunately, many children in Uganda are still not going to school due to many issues such as child neglect/abandonment, poverty, child labor, lack of support. Our goal is to identify these underprivileged, vulnerable children and provide orphans and unprivileged children with decent education with the help of individual and institutional sponsors.

Uganda is a country with one of the youngest populations in the world. More than half of its 45 million people are children, which provides exciting potential for a dynamic future. So, it is important to support education for orphan children and unprivileged children to let them take a step towards a bright future and better life for generations to come.

Many children, especially in rural areas, still live in abject poverty and lack fundamental rights.

  • One in five children do not complete primary school level.
  • More than a quarter of children under five suffer chronic malnutrition.
  • 75% of children experience violence subjected by a parent/relative.
  • At least 10% of girls are married before they are 15.
  • At least a quarter of children have experienced sexual violence in the past year.

Research overwhelmingly shows that young people who graduate high school enjoy better outcomes in all areas of their lives: health, relationships, and financial wellbeing. They can make informed choices that positively impact themselves, their families, and their communities.

PLATFORM for the NEEDY (PLANE) provides accessible, high-quality education for orphan children and vulnerable children in Western Uganda.

PLANE’s child sponsorship programme focuses on improving the wellbeing of children in need, providing education for the orphans and most vulnerable from most broken, heart-wrenching families.

We take a holistic approach, working alongside communities to identify and tackle the root causes of poverty and create sustainable change for a child to flourish through decent education for orphan children.

PLANE ensures children and families are well-nurtured, protected from infection and disease, have access to essential health services, offer opportunities to learn and develop their talents, equip young people for the future, and bring families and communities together to support children’s and orphans education.

Your donation provides uniform, clean drinking water, nutritious meals, tuition, medicine, educational materials, and children’s counseling at schools and communities.

PLANE empowers students through education and holistic support to complete their education to access further education or take up employment and move out of poverty.




We work with communities living in poverty in Western Uganda- many families are subsistence farmers living on $1-2 per week. There are many orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable children being cared for by grandmothers and teenage mothers. We work holistically with communities for providing orphans with education, health and income-generating programs to empower teenage mothers, grandmothers and children to start small businesses, access medical care and education, access opportunities, plan for the future and improve family wellbeing.


Quality education for orphan children is essential to increased health, income generation, opportunity, and choice. Your donation helps more than 300 orphaned or vulnerable children to access education, uniforms, nutritious food, clean water, medical care- as well as high-quality tuition, extracurricular activities, counseling and other support.

Your support will help to nurture a generation of journalists, doctors, social workers, environmentalists, agriculturalists, priests, and lawyers who are committed to supporting their communities and making the world a better place!

Our education programme:


An example of poor education in Uganda. Many            Giving out classroom materials to students in Bukwali,          Running sports in a school to develop talent and  

children are fit into one class.                                                a village in Uganda.                                                                            sharing issues youth experience together.


A happy widow after receiving classroom supplies for             Presenting talks to students as education. 

her child.


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