Under this programme, PLANE works towards improving water and sanitation services, as well as basic hygiene practices by sensitizing people in rural communities and schools on drinking safe water and proper utilization of water sources.

We believe water and sanitation are essential for life and health. They are also vital for dignity, empowerment and prosperity.

In Uganda, poor sanitation and hygiene, as well as unequal access to safe drinking water, make thousands of women and children very sick and at risk of dying.
Women and children are at most risk of getting the disease by drinking unsafe water and coming into contact with contaminated hands.

At PLANE, we believe that if we intensify on community awareness creation on proper utilization of the water sources, drinking safe water by everyone and making leaders accountable, the WASH sector will be improved hence health lives.

Environmental Conservation

Under this programme, PLANE aims at sensitizing the public to be part of the planet and ensure that it’s protected by combining our modern ways of living with a deeper respect and understanding of what nature provides.

In Africa, there has been rampant land degradation where people cut down trees, establish houses in swamps and wetlands and this affects climate change.

We educate the people in communities and pupils in school to conserve and protect the environment that include wetlands, forests, swamps and mountains and encourage them to plant more of the indigenous trees.

PLANE applies the drama approach to unpack environmental conservation and protection message and also through the radio drama and talkshows.

Environmental conservationists understand that the way we live is a reflection of how we feel about the nature.

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