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54-Year-Old Woman Raising her Grandchildren is Seeking Help

GOAL: $5,000

Angela Kabasinguzi of Nyakabira village, North Division, Fort Portal City, is a 54-year-old woman who is suffering from HIV. She openly disclosed her positive status 8 years ago with an aim of educating others on the impact of HIV on the lives of individuals, families and communities in Uganda.

Devoting her life to advocating for the better, Angela is heroically undertaking the care of her four grandchildren, aged between 11- and 14-years old, as her son, also HIV positive and currently bed-ridden, lacks the capabilities to do so. On her shoulder lies the livelihood of 4 grandchildren, a son, and chronic illnesses.

Desperate to find a way to provide for the household and balance out countless responsibilities, she spent her whole youth with blood, sweat, and tears, to find a decent job, but never succeeded.

According to the Uganda AIDS Commission report released earlier in 2022, around 1.2 million Ugandan citizens between the ages of 15 and 64 are currently living with HIV. Therefore, in addition to doing all that we can to help Angela, we are aiming to start an Income Generating Project for the women of Kabarole District and Fort Portal Tourism City as they are known to have the second-highest HIV-positive prevalence rate in Uganda.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read Angela’s story and your future attempts to lend a helping hand. We are truly looking forward to when we are able to soothe her tragedy.

The whole donation process will be executed transparently. We would be very grateful to all of your efforts in sharing this information to those willing to help.

USE OF FUNDS: Support and donations of any kind would be greatly appreciated since it makes living no longer a risk, but a journey worth enjoying to those six individuals. Monetary donations will be used for her grandchildren’s school fees as well as other related costs, such as; pens; soap; books, uniforms ; food, etc. Furthermore the donations will go to the establishment of a piggery project as an income generating project for the family.

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Forcefully Chased Out Mother and Children are Seeking Assistance

Goal: $7,500

“I’m starving with my kids…”

Who would expect to hear those heartbreaking words from a mother of four?

Florence, a resident of Nyakabingo B village, North Division, Fort Portal City, is devoted woman who spent her whole life loving and supporting the livelihood of her family. She is pure, loving, and responsible, always hoping for happiness and delight in her household. However, fate decided to put a lethal twist on the lady’s life as she tested positive for HIV.

We couldn’t help but feel for her tragedy, sympathize with her misery, and exclaim at the fact that her life could have been so much better if the husband were more empathetic. Upon sadly receiving a positive test result, Florence approached her husband with the news, hoping that he would support her through their ARV treatments together. Unfortunately, what awaited her were extreme anger, traumatizing rage, and a broken family. Florence’s husband kicked her and their four children out of the house.

The five are currently living in a small, dilapidated structure kindly offered by their neighbour. While this does make a difference in providing some form of shelter, the structure is completely unstable and leaves the family sopping wet when it rains outside. Florence is relieved by the fact that her children all tested negative for HIV, but is now faced by the daunting task of raising and caring for them on her own.

“I’m starving with my kids. I do move in the village searching for casual work to earn something small to feed the children. But I am failing to get school fees for these children. I don’t know what our future will hold,” she said.

We are currently seeking altruism from all of you. Donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated as it helps restore life back to the woman and her children. We would be very grateful to all of your efforts in sharing this information to those willing to help.

USE OF FUNDS:  Florence mentioned that she does have a piece of land but does not have the funds nor the ability to build them a home. We assure you that all your loving would be transparently used, with monetary support as tuition for the children’s education, lunch, and shelter. Not only does your assistance save them from starving, but it also builds up the future of plenty. We shall provide accountabilities for all the funds here on our website and social media platforms. We have have the video documentaries and news letter about her support.

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