Boys Matter Mentorship Program

Mentorship Programe for Boys:

Athletics is the best approach to attracting youth to share their views on health and a frugal lifestyle confidently.

  • In this program, PLANE applies sports that we believe have tremendous influence in changing the culture and the lives of young people towards fostering respect for the opposite sex.
  • We utilize role models, cultural leaders, and coach mentors to address culture and behaviour issues.
  • Teamwork and fair play principles make sports an ideal platform to teach and coach healthy relationship skills.

Boys Matter Mentorship Program


Sports leaders are offered the tools and terminologies they need to stand up for, respect, and influence their school’s culture, minimizing rampant strikes and bullying.

As influencers and role models, the coaches are unique in that they teach and model healthy behaviour for the boys to practice in both societies and schools.

We believe the athletic coaches play an influential and unique role in changing the lives of young men. They often serve as a parent or mentor to the boys they teach.
Teens experiencing relationship abuse are more likely to report unhealthy diet behaviours, engage in drug abuse, and have desperate feelings.

Because of these facts, adolescent relationship abuse is a significant health concern in Uganda. Therefore, health care providers have a unique role in preventing it.

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