Campaigns of Fundraisers

PLANE organizes multiple fundraisers; please donate to help us continue and support them. 


Empowering Girls Fundraiser

MISSION: Empower Ugandan girls access to health sanitary pads and education.

GOAL: $8,700

SUMMARY: The poverty cycle in Uganda can only be broken when girls enrolled for education remain in school. When it comes to the Rwenzori region in the districts of Kabarole and Bunyangabu Fort Portal Tourism City, the dropout rate for girls has reached to 25 percent with many getting married.

An inventive way out is through “Sustainable Menstrual Health” education, vital for girls to avoid infections, teen pregnancies, and early marriages and shame in community and at school.

Your generous intervention and support to this project will provide girls in upper primary and lower secondary in two schools from each district with a quality washable sanitary pad. The students and pupils will also be provided with Sexual Education on Reproductive Health Rights to be able to defend themselves against the perpetrators. A group of girls in each school will be selected and trained to make reusable sanitary pads to ensure sustainability of the project. Parents, teachers and community leaders will be mobilized and sensitized on the value of educating a girl child and proper upbringing and handling hence empowering them.

PROBLEM: Thousands of impoverished girls in rural and semi urban communities in the Rwenzori region and Uganda at large face days with no access to safe menstrual hygiene health solutions. Most girls have resorted to using the unhealthy sanitary methods that include used papers, dirty clothes and dry leaves. Studies have indicated that the provision of safe menstrual health solutions directly contribute positively by reducing the school dropout rates for girls that have reached the age of menstruation.

SOLUTION: Through this project, the girls will receive reusable sanitary pads (washable pads) that can be used for about 3-4 years when they plan to finish their secondary circle. A number of girls in each select school and women in communities will learn to make local reusable sanitary kits that will then be distributed to the girls in school and out of school.

Women in communities will be empowered with skills and health trainings to make sanitary kits through their Village Savings and Credit Associations. In addition to receiving personal healthy sanitary Kit, the communities will benefit a lot from the trainings offered, tools and capital invested in Village Savings and Credit Associations to engage in small income generating projects like baskets and mat weaving.

Their economic situation, therefore will be enriched to create an empowered community dedicated to improving their livelihoods and expansion of access to menstrual health solutions.

CONCLUSION: Your intervention and kind support to this project will enable the girl child to get inspired, empowered, and have access continuous education and remain in school till completion. Women in selected communities will be empowered to discuss issues affecting them, make and provide menstrual health and sanitation kits for themselves and others.

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Fight Against Malaria Fundraiser

MISSION: Create awareness on Malaria spread, control, and prevention.

GOAL: $52,000

SUMMARY: Malaria is a killer disease in Africa, and especially in Uganda, which has the third-highest number of deaths from Malaria in Africa. This campaign is about using radio drama and live performance in schools and communities in the Rwenzori region (three districts) in Western Uganda to fight Malaria.

Using our BAHEMU drama group, 30 minute episodes on Malaria spread, control, and prevention will be composed, which will run on a radio drama  from Monday-Friday 6:00-6:30 am.

The drama members will move to communities and schools where they stage live drama on the spread, control, and malaria prevention and its impact on health, social, and economic areas.

Our focus will be on children, pregnant mothers, families, and target areas, including trading centers, primary and secondary schools, pre-primary schools, worshipping places, and health facilities with antenatal services.

The drama approach pulls crowds and allows instant questions and answers to understand the concept of Malaria, mosquito net utilization, and prevention measures.

PROBLEM: Uganda has the third-highest number of deaths from Malaria in Africa and some of the continent’s highest recorded malaria transmission rates. This creates a heavy burden on the health system, with Malaria accounting for approximately 30%-50% of outpatient care, 15%-20% of admissions, and 9%-14% of inpatient deaths. Also, the Ministry of Health’s latest figures indicates that about 320 people die each day due to the malaria epidemic. The Rwenzori region is one of the areas at high risk.

With support from her partners, the Ministry of Health has distributed millions of treated mosquito nets to each household, but Malaria cases remain high because of ignorance and poor utilization of the nets. Most people have resorted to using them for fishing, chicken farming/poultry, covering crops from being destroyed by birds or chickens, and keeping them in their bags and suitcases. During our recent survey in schools, children told PLATFORM for the NEEDY that their parents have denied them the mosquito nets and kept them in suitcases while others are using them in the gardens.

SOLUTION: There is a need to create intensive awareness on the proper utilization of Malaria treated mosquitoes that the Health Ministry recently distributed to help reduce the burden of Malaria in the region. Funds collected will be used to purchase a van for the drama members’ transportation, purchase a music system, buy radio airtime to run radio drama episodes, and facilitate drama members and health workers during live performances in communities. We will also use these funds to train people to use mosquito nets and keep the surrounding area clean & free from mosquitoes.

CONCLUSION: There will be a reduction in infant and maternal mortality rates among children under five and pregnant mothers. There will be a a reduced number of miscarriages due to Malaria, improving health for all infants and pregnant mothers. The communities will be sensitized and well equipped with knowledge and skills in malaria prevention methods and keeping the homestead hygiene and sanitation clean and free from mosquito breeding.

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Support Teen Mothers Fundraiser

MISSION: Raise funds to support the thousands of teenage mothers in Uganda.

GOAL: $20,000

SUMMARY: The purpose of this fundraising campaign is to raise funds to fight the staggering amount of abuse and pregnancy cases of teenage girls in Uganda and also provide psychological support.

Increased terrible cases of physical and sexual abuse of children, early marriages and child labor have been reported in different parts of the country. As a result, young girls have been forced to get married while the majority of the impregnated girls have been abandoned by the perpetrator and the girl’s parents. The girls have been deeply traumatized, developing various mental issues.

We plan to achieve this goal by enhancing community awareness through radio talk shows, radio drama episodes, and community outreach psychological counseling sessions, early detection and effective management and referral of child abuse cases.

PROBLEM: Thousands of young girls have been defiled, raped and abandoned by the perpetrators while others have been forced to get married as early as 14 years.

About 644,955 pregnancies were recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown in Uganda, according to the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA. Figures from the agency show that since March 2020 when COVID-19 hit the world, an estimated 354,736 teenage Pregnancies were reported following the closure of all schools in the country for at least eight months.

Many teenage girls fell pregnant through rape or due to lack of reproductive health education. Outcast by society and lacking in education, adolescent mothers and their children live in extreme poverty, which in turn creates stigma, gender inequality, unemployment and low self-esteem.

At risk of sexual exploitation and HIV/AIDS, with poor mental health and complex needs, teenage mothers are the most marginalized and vulnerable individuals in the rural impoverished communities of Western Uganda.

SOLUTION: Adolescent mothers, aged 13-21, will be formed into tight peer groups to receive mental well-being support in schools and communities and gain life-skills and knowledge about their health and gender rights.  The 300 adolescent mothers will be supported with $108 in a project dubbed “Goat For Life, Empower Teen Mothers.”

CONCLUSION: Through this fundraiser, young girls will learn practical skills, business, and enterprise knowledge. These young girls will develop self-esteem and confidence. The untapped potential of these girls is released through the provision of comprehensive training and mentoring.

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Help Vulnerable Children Access Education Fundraiser

MISSION: Help 250 Orphan and Vulnerable children (OVC) in Uganda access education.

GOAL: $9,000

SUMMARY: There is a great need for resources to support OVCs access education and have a bright future. Education as we know is the fundamental right of a child. When a child is educated, that child becomes socially, mentally, and morally sound and empowered. The majority of OVCs are unable to go to school due to lack of educational materials and other basic needs.

This fundraiser is working to provide these materials and basic resources to OVCs to allow them to attend school.

PROBLEM: According to UNICEF, Uganda has 2.5 million orphans. The  majority of these orphans are a result of HIV/AIDs, domestic violence, and natural disasters that have wiped out the entire family, leaving children to the mercy of the world.

The children have been greatly affected by the poverty level, and the COVID 19 pandemic worsened the situation, making most of them dropping out of school with some ending up into child marriage due to lack of access to scholastic materials, school uniforms, food, and sanitary towels (pads).

Children in the rural communities of this region are faced with challenges to access education due to lack of the scholastic materials, food, and good medical services.

SOLUTION: PLANE will bring your support to the needy children by providing them with educational materials, including exercise books, pens, pencils, soap, jelly, uniforms, shoes, food and tuition/fees.

CONCLUSION: We’re mobilizing donations and support from good Samaritans and well-wishers to help us fulfill the children’s dreams to have a brighter future that is fully empowered. The donations will go towards providing education requirements for 250 orphaned and
vulnerable children in primary and secondary schools.

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