PLATFORM for the NEEDY Donates Items To 105 Children

PLATFORM for the NEEDY Donates Items To 105 Children

PLANE Donates Educational Items to 105 Needy Children in Uganda

PLATFORM for the NEEDY Donates Educational Items to 105 Children in Uganda

PLANE Donates Items to Children in Uganda

PLATFORM for the NEEDY (PLANE) has donated educational items to needy children in Uganda. This donation will help them access education.

Child Poverty in Uganda

In Uganda, 55% of children aged 0 to 4 live in poverty. Additionally, 24%—or 1 in 5—live in extreme poverty. Among children aged 6 to 17, 38% live in poverty and 18% live in extreme poverty.

Challenges Faced by Children

The biggest challenges for children in Uganda include poverty, healthcare, low education rates, and child marriage. These issues need urgent interventions.

The Donation Ceremony

The children received books, pens, pencils, soap, jelly, and school fees. These items were given at a ceremony held at St. Peter and Paul Primary School Virika in Fort Portal Tourism City.

Support from Friends of PLANE

The support came from friends of PLANE. These include 17-year-old Peato Chayarat Wangweera and his mom Varanya Boonteang from Thailand. Also contributing was 16-year-old Rintaro Hirota and his family, Katsuhiko Hirota, from Tokyo, Japan.

These families are passionate about helping needy children realize their full potential in education and transforming their lives.

Message from Rev. Clovis Kyalimpa Apuuli

Retired Rev. Clovis Kyalimpa Apuuli presided over the handover ceremony. He told the children and their guardians that the best reward they can give to the donors is to study hard, become successful, and help other needy children in their communities.

Rev. Kyalimpa emphasized that education is the key to fighting poverty in homes. He warned adolescents against drug abuse and bad peer groups. He urged them to focus on their education to be successful. Rev. Kyalimpa also commended PLANE Uganda for their advocacy programs and their work in helping the underprivileged.

PLANE Donation Ceremony in Uganda

Gratitude from PLANE Leadership

Kasabiiti Grace, the chairperson of PLATFORM for the NEEDY, thanked PLANE Uganda Executive Director Mr. Waddell Stephen. She appreciated his compassion in establishing the organization and his dedication to helping the underprivileged.

PLANE Executive Director Waddell Stephen Speaking

Waddell Stephen, PLANE Executive Director, acknowledged the financial support from donors. He explained the challenges donors face in raising funds. He advised the beneficiaries to use the items properly and study hard for a brighter future.

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Children Receiving Donations from PLANE

Watch the full event here: PLANE Donation Ceremony Video

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